Story of Mission Group

The Past


Established based on special HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) engineering, the Mission Group has signed a partnership with Daikin (McQuay) Group, the world's number one HVAC group, to provide non-stop systems, critical processes and facilities for commercial and industrial use in order to create the foundation to provide total solutions encompassing engineering, products, etc.



Through extensive partnerships with Evapco Group, we have acquired
the necessary technologies for wet cooling, dry cooling, fan solution,
and water treatment solutions. These comprehensive cooling solutions
are extremely rare in Korea and abroad. in combination with
Mission Group's engineering solutions, we will be able to immediately
provide optimum solutions to any customer or technical requirement.

Nuclear Power Plants

The Mission Group's solutions are being provided to nuclear power plants, which is a mission critical business area. By supplying the UAE Baraka Nuclear Power Plant's ultra-large Air Cooled Chiller System, Condensing Units, AHU, and Rooftop System, we have established itself as a leader in HVAC for nuclear power plants.

Display Industries

Display Industries

Display plants require the installation and construction of an
extra-large HVAC system within a very short period of time, and
characteristically requires uninterrupted operation throughout the year.
The Mission Group installed the world's largest modular cooling
tower system in Paju, Korea on a unique scale, and subsequently
completed the largest installation of its kind in Guangzhou, China.
This was an opportunity to perform an important mission in another
mission critical facility. The new technologies and new construction
methods adopted in these projects are currently leading the industry
as we continue to focus on developing next-generation technologies.

IT Industries

The importance of temperature and humidity also applies to the manufacturing line for cellphones.In particular, chiller plants require the maintenance of optimal conditions through equipment stability and preventive maintenance.The Mission Group broke the record for the longest period of zero-accident non-stop operation by integrating the Daikin Chiller Plant and our independently developed AMS (Advanced Maintenance System).


The Present


Hyper Scale Data Center

The Mission Group is developing a data center business for AI
servers to meet the current industrial demands as we wade
further into the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
The Mission Group is building its business capabilities and
networks across all areas, including data center location analysis and
construction licensing, basic design for construction as an SI, business
execution as a business entity, critical air conditioning and power
equipment supply, tenant recruitment, and operations.
We provide the optimal data center infrastructure through
HVAC-based engineering, and special air conditioning solutions
tailored to the increasing demand for hyperscale data centers.

Protection Solutions

In addition, we are expanding our business areas to include protection against various disasters and accidents such as global warming, viruses, fire, leakage, intrusion, and theft, through features such as panic rooms, explosion-proofing, and protection from external factors such as EMP.


The Future


Toward New Business Ecology

The Mission Group plans to expand its business to the fields of
medicine, augmented/virtual/mixed reality, ecology, and cultural
engineering in line with the diverse social trends that will emerge
in the future. The expansion of these projects is being carried out
within the frames of “realization of technology for humanity”,
“business execution that allows social consensus”, and
“environmental adaptiveness”. This is the process to become a
leader in ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) economic activities.
Through the establishment of the Mission Foundation, we will
contribute to environmental protection and society, establish a
transparent governance structure, and realize the group’s founding
ideal, namely the “realization of public interest through private
business management”.