EMP Protection & Security System


We provide the highest level of protection solutions by analyzing your needs.

MC-ARX(Mission Critical ARX)

· Mission Critical ARX Co., Ltd. provides the best ARX solution in the global market, as well as in Korea and abroad,
  based on efforts such as object orientation, customer orientation, improvement orientation and value orientation.
· Architecture logically breaks down user needs through object orientation analysis and realizes it conceptually, logically, and physically based on this.
· Realignment accelerates constitutional change by focusing on growth and change to create sustainable customer value through customer orientation analysis.
· X Organization creates new value through improved orientation analysis to ensure that individual elements maintain order and combine to achieve unity.

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    Toxic gas

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  • Protection of information

    Blocks electromagnetic
    waves and fires

  • Protection of documents

    Blocks heat, prevents
    and blocks water leakages
    and floods

  • Protection of life

    Blocks toxic gases,
    heat, and intrusion

  • Protection of valuables

    Blocks heat in case
    of external fires,
    blocks internal fires

  • Protection of property

    Protects intellectual and
    physical property in
    case of external intrusions

Security Room [Basic EMP]

Security room system


· Provides a high physical protection rating
· Conduct testing based on the final product
· Expandable to scale with various specifications (height, width)
· Manufactured in a European factory after prior design consultation,
with only the assembly conducted on site
· Wall and door material: Exterior (cold-rolled steel sheet),
interior (flame-retardant protective material)
· Cable inlet: Flame-retardant finish (ROXTEC material), IP-66
· Pressure control damper: Controls pressure when discharging internal
fire-extinguishing agents and blocks penetration from outside
· Color: Body beige (RAL7035), door black
· Fire protection: EN1363 (DIN4102) F90/120 grade, in case of fire for
30/60 minutes, internal temperature △T〈50℃, humidity 85% maintained
· Intrusion protection: Compliance with EN 1627/1630 WK 2/3/4
· Protection grade: IP55 on IEC 60529.
· Toxic gas protection: Compliance with EN 1634-3.
· Electromagnetic protection: Protection against high frequency
transmission and radiation

Security Room
[Data Center EMP]



· Possible to introduce existing data centers
· Indoor installation. Only critical systems can be used to ensure
  separate protection.
· Can be established within an existing building in minimal time
· Applicable to free space in basements, parking lots, offices, etc.
· Can be used as a fireproof safe when installing a data backup device.
· Modular expansion configuration possible
· Provides a cooling environment
· Power configurable (UPS, PDU)
· Application of an eco-friendly fire-extinguishing agent
· Environmental monitoring (temperature, humidity, leakage, fire, etc.)
· Real-time equipment status monitoring (CCTV)
· Classification of protection levels for each functional room (cost reduction)

Technical Standards for Security Room

Field of Test Content of Test High Security Maximum Security
LER Basic LER Extend LSR 18.6E
System test Tests conducted based on finished products as opposed to each component unit O O O
Firefighting ECB-S certification based on EN 1047-2, internal temperature rises by 50°C compared to the normal temperature/85% humidity is maintained under cooling conditions for 24 hours after 60 minutes of continuous flames above 1,000°C X X O
Flame over 1000°C for 30 minutes, the internal temperature rises by 50°C without cooling time/85% humidity is maintenaned X O O
F120 level according to EN 1363 (DIN 4102) X X O
F90 level according to EN 1363 (DIN 4102) O O O
Explosion 200kg TNT explosion test passed at a 40m distance X X O
Water Maximum penetration of 20 water droplets when immersed in a depth of 40cm for 72 hours X X O
Meets IEC 60 529 standard IP x6 O O O
Dust Meets IP x5 according to IEC 60 529 O O O
Toxic gas Provide toxic gas shielding based on EN 1634-3 (DIN 18095) X O O
Intrusion prevention Satisfies WK3 based on EN 1627 / 1630, for entrance doors O O O
Satisfies WK2 based on EN 1627 / 1630, for entrance doors O O O
Satisfies WK4 based on EN 1627 / 1630, for entrance doors X X O
Falling objects Side wall impact with a 200kg object at a height of 1.5m X X O
Electromagnetic wave protection Protection against high-frequency transmission and radiation O O O

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