Mission Foundation

The Mission Foundation is an organization designed to fulfill the ultimate goals of the Mission Group’s social contribution projects and aims to launch within 3 years. Through this foundation, we will not only ensure the soundness of our corporate governance but also lay the foundation for systematic and independent public-interest projects. Its main business areas are as follows.

Civilian Legal Aid Project

This is support for those who are disadvantaged in legal proceedings due to economic difficulties in hiring a lawyer.

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Human Organ Support Project

Currently, there are many illegal and inhumane activities in which many patients with organ-related chronic diseases purchase organs from people in poor countries. The way to fundamentally eliminate this demand for organ purchase is by transplanting externally cultured organs into a patient’s body using their own cells, which can minimize side-effects of transplantation, but the financial cost is a problem. The foundation will contribute to eradicating inhumane organ trafficking through these organ transplant support projects.

Future Talent
Discovery Project

Modern society is gradually developing into a vast, hyperconnected society that is increasingly beyond human control, and there is growing demand for the kind of leadership that is armed with technology, personal character, and sound intelligence about the future and the world.
To this end, we will contribute to creating a just and beautiful world through future talent discovery projects.